Utpal Chakraborty

Utpal Chakraborty is a software solution expert having around 20 years of experience, including working as an Enterprise Architect in IBM, Capgemini and other MNCs in his past assignments. At the moment he is a Lead Architect at Larsen & Toubro Infotech in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive.

Utpal is an eminent speaker on Artificial Intelligence and Agile & Lean, speaking at conferences around the world.


Smriti Irani

Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani was elected to the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Indian Parliament representing the State of Gujarat in year 2011. In August 2017 she was re-elected to Rajya Sabha from the state of Gujarat. Mrs. Irani is currently the Union Minister for Textiles and Information & Broadcasting. She was the Union Minister for Human Resource Development from May 2014 to July 2016. She is India’s youngest minister in the government and the first woman to hold office as Union Minister For Human Resource Development and as Union Minister of Textiles.

She has previously served in the organization of various posts such as National Secretary (twice), 5 term Member of the BJP National Executive, Vice President of BJP Maharashtra Youth Wing, BJP Maharashtra State Secretary, National Vice President and as National President of BJP Women's Wing has significantly and successfully pursued Permanent Commission for Women in the Indian Army by facilitating legal aid to women officers. She has also launched 'Saksham'- the 1st ever Vision Document released by any political organization in India, which underlines policies, programs and implementation tools for the upliftment of the Differently Abled in India. In the 126th Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union, Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani was unanimously elected as a Member representing the Asia Pacific Region to the Task Force responsible for establishing the 1st ever Committee for Young Parliamentarians in the IPU. At the same Assembly, Mrs. Irani was also unanimously elected by Member Nations as Rapporteur for the Standing Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade. The World Economic Forum has named Mrs. Irani as the Young Global Leader from India for the year 2015.


Vikram Nikkam

Mr. Vikram Nikkam is an avid follower and connoisseur of the blockchain technology and crypto fintech. He is the founder of Unocoin under parent company Unobit solutions Pvt Ltd, India's first ever bitcoin initiative. His knowledge of crypto currencies and related topics is the reason why he has been invited as a speaker to several esteemed institutions like IIM, IIT, RBI, IT office, NASCOM etc. and has over 10,000 followers of the meetups that he regularly holds. Vikram is engaged full time in an Indian bitcoin blockchain community which helps entrepreneurs, tech developers and crypto interested individuals with their startups.


Kumar Gaurav

Mr. Kumar Gaurav is a serial entrepreneur who is among hundred most influential people in the world on Blockchain Technology and awarded Extraordinary status (O1) by United States government.

He is the Founder & CEO of Cashaa and Chairman of Auxesis Group. Due to his vision, Auxesis Group and Cashaa, both are ranked among world’s top 100 blockchain companies.

Kumar is on the editorial board of Blockchain media and popular international speaker on emerging technologies. IIT, British Auditorium or European Parliament, Kumar has shared his Blockchain knowledge on many government forums across the globe. He is recently nominated as World's Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the future. Kumar started his career as an engineer at Ferrari through Indian IT services company Wipro and later served as an IT manager for the Italian shoemaking machinery company MeB. He studied computer science at Amity University in Delhi and received a Master’s in Engineering Management from Politecnico di Milano.


Shashank Reddy

R. Shashank Reddy is a research analyst at Carnegie India. His research focuses on the implications of emerging technologies and their governance for international and Indian security. He is also a member of the International Panel on Regulation of Autonomous Weapons based in Berlin, Germany. Reddy holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.


Atul Khekade

A computer engineer by education and 14 years of experience in technology and business management, Atul Khekade has built several companies and driven millions in revenue by scaling these businesses worldwide. He is also the Co-Founder of XinFin where he is dedicated towards investor management and developing alliances with corporates and governments worldwide.

He has been associated with companies like Oracle, New York based MonetaGo , UK based Smart Stream Tech and Netz Capital Advisors LLP. He is also the Co-Founder of Airnetz Traveltech Pvt. Ltd, which provides on demand private jet and helicopter services all around the world which has built a global distribution system with over 25000+ airfields and 3000+ aircrafts.

At XinFin, Atul brings extensive industry knowledge and experience in the fields of building liaisons with institutions and government, apart from his robust experience across BFSI, Asset Management, Real Estate, Aviation, among other industries. He is responsible for the conceptualization and demonstration of first permissioned blockchain system for the consortium of Indian banks. He is also a member of Blockchain FinTech Working Group.

While much of his time is spent in travelling across continents and explaining different governments and institutions about the real-time impact that blockchain can drive in their economies, he is also keen on reading, playing tennis and cricket in his free time.


Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia

Dr. Lalit Kanodia is an Indian business entrepreneur, credited with having created the software industry of India as the Founder CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) He is currently Chairman of Datamatics Group of Companies which he founded in 1975. He also holds the position of National President of the Indo - American Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the Indian Merchants Chamber, both prestigious organizations of the Indian business community. He has also served as President of the Management Consultants Association of India. He was president of the Management Consultants' Association of India.


Satyendra Nayak

Satyendra S. Nayak is an independent Investment and Economics consultant running his own firm, Spectrafin. His experience stems from over 30 years of working in Banking, Mutual Fund , global investment and financial sevices industry, covering working in international finance, project financing, foreign exchange, mutual fund management, equity and debt investments, portfolio management and strategy, and economic and investment research and strategy.

He has published several articles and papers on India’s Balance of Payments, Exchange Rate of Rupee, Euro Dollar market, Behavior of US Dollar , International Finance ,Indian Capital Markets , Stock Market and Mutual Funds , US Financial Crisis and Keynesian Economics, and produced economic policy papers in these areas. He submitted a Report on Roadmap for Fuller Convertibility of Indian Rupee submitted to the Reserve Bank of India in 2006 for consideration of the Committee on Full convertibility. A number of recommendations made in the Convertibility Report were accepted by the Official Committee Report.

He has addressed several national and international seminars, workshops and training programs in India and abroad on exchange rates, foreign exchange, international banking and euro currency market, capital markets, investment management, emerging markets, country funds, mutual funds, economic environment, budget and other related topics. He was a Member of Study Team appointed by the Asian Development Bank in 1988 on The Reform of Indonesian Capital Market.

His earlier book ‘Global Monetary Experience and India’ won the Bhateja Memorial Award for the Best Book in Economics in India in 1995.

The next book ‘Globalization and the Indian Economy: Roadmap to Convertible Rupee’, was published by Routledge in 2008.

His new book “Global Financial Crisis – Genesis, Policy Response and Road Ahead” is published by Springer.